What is CAT?

What is CAT?

One of the main elements of our effort is to fund an annual meeting of international researchers-cognitive scientists in Torun, entitled CAT: Cognitivist Autumn in Toruń. We hope that our efforts will be available for both a wider range of researchers, as well as for non-specialists interested in contemporary knowledge about the brain, mind and cognition.

Certainly an attractive aspect of presented projects organized over the years is that all meetings arranged by us are constructed so as to present a both theoretical and practical dimension of cognitive science.

Organized meetings range with subjects such as: embodied and situated cognition, social neuroscience, methodology in enactivism; first- and second- person methodologies in cognitive science and neuroscience; connection between social cognition, action, robotics and evolution research; theoretical as well as practical consequences of embodied and situated cognition; body perception and body awareness; multisensory integration, and many more ....

For next year 2011 next meetings are already scheduled with the participation of many eminent scholars, with theme on mirror neurons and phantomathology.


Present Event 2010

CAT 2010: Mirror Neurons: from Action to Empathy | 14 - 16 April
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This year's event will be fifth edition of interdisciplinary conference called "Mirror Neurons:from Action to Empathy". Conference will be held in Torun, on April 14 - 16 2009. List of conference participants will include special guest - Giacomo Rizzolatti from Department of Neurosciences, the Università degli studi di Parma, with special lecture - The mirror mechanism: a mechanism for understanding others.

List of conference participants will include also: Georg Northoff, Stein Braten, Laila Craighero, Michael  Arbib, Lucina Uddin, Corrado Sinigaglia, Chloe Farrer, Tom Ziemke, India Morrison, Arthur Glenberg, Włodzislaw Duch, Paweł Gładziejewski, Beata  Stawarska, Susan Stuart, Martin V. Butz, Tierry  Chaminade, J. Kevin O’Regan, Anna Borghi, Lars Schwabe, Natalie  Depraz, Jean-Luc  Petit, Ferdinand Binkofski. Full list of participants will be available soon.


Future Events

CAT 2011: Phantomology: the virtual reality of the body.
Theoretical aspects and hands-on demonstrations | Toruń 2011, Poland (more info will be available soon)
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In year 2011, event will be sixth edition of interdisciplinary conference called "Phantomology: the virtual reality of the body.Theoretical aspects and hands-on demonstrations". Conference will be held in Torun (more info will be available soon). List of conference participants will include special guests - Olaf Blanke, Peter Brugger, Henrik Ehrsson, Frederique de Vignemont. Conference is co-organized with Department of Neurology, University Hospital Zurich. Conference program will feature theorethical aspects and practical presentations demonstrating experiments with out-of-body experiance and rubber-hand illusion.

List of conference participants will include also: Eiichi Naito, Erhan Oztop, Catherine  Mercier, Helena de Preester, Manos Tsakiris, Angela Sirigu, Jonathan Cole, J. Kevin O’Regan, Alessandro  Farne, Erik Myin, Catherine L. Reed, Craig Murray.


Past Events

CAT 2006: Embodied and Situated Cognition: From Phenomenology to Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence | 16-18 November
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First edition of interdisciplinary conference on conception of the embodied mind and embodied cognition was held in Torun at Nicolaus Copernicus University, Poland in November 16-18 2006, with such guest like: Shaun Gallagher, Jordan Zlatev, Natika Newton, Daniel Hutto, Giovanna Colombetti, Olaf Blanke, India Morrison, Dorothee Legrand, Matthew Ratcliffe, Richard Menary, Helena De Preester, Jonathan Cole, Tom Ziemke, Tony Chemero, Ron Chrisley and many more ...

CAT 2007: Self, Intersubjectivity & Social Neuroscience: From Mind and Action to Society | 24-26 September
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Second edition of interdisciplinary conference on neuroscience and social cognition was also held in Torun at Nicolaus Copernicus University, Poland in September 24-26 2006, with such guest like: Marc Jeannerod, Jonathan Cole, Stephanie Carlson, Matthis Synofzik, Jessica Sommerville, Philip Zelazo, Colwyn Trevarthen, Yann Coello, Piotr Jaskowski, Catherine Reed, Corrado Sinigaglia, Daniel Hutto, Hanne De Jeagher, Lucina Uddin, India Morrison, Francesca Morganti, Wlodzislaw Duch and many more ...

CAT 2008: Enactivism: a new paradigm? | 6-8 October
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Third edition of interdisciplinary conference on neuroscience and social cognition was also in Torun at Nicolaus Copernicus University, Poland in September 24-26 2006, with such guest like: Wlodzislaw Duch, Olivier Gapenne, Hiro Iizuka, Masami Ishihara, David Kirsh, Jean-Luc Petit, Corrado Sinigaglia, Elzbieta Szelag, Pierre Steiner, Tom Ziemke and many more.

CAT 2009: BODY, PERCEPTION AND AWARENESS: Motor and multimodal perspectives | 23-25 November
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Fourth edition of interdisciplinary conference was held in Toruń. The key topics of were: motor cognition, body perception and body awareness, multisensory integration, action awareness, volition and action, embodied self-consciousness and bodily self, action perception and action in perception, body schema, body image and other body representations.

List of conference participants included special guest - PATRICK HAGGARD from UCL, Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, with Open Lecture: The neuroscience of human volition: Could the brain have 'free will'?; and also Yann Coello, Athsushi Iriki, Francesca Morganti, Sukhvinder Obhi, Jean-Luc Petit, Corrado Sinigaglia, Piotr Durka, Georg Northoff, Lawrence M. Parsons, Jean-Luc Petit, Massimiliano Cappuccio, Aneta Brzezickaand other guests.



Honorary patronage

Nicolaus Copernicus University
Prof. dr hab. Andrzej Radzimiński

ul. Gagarina 11, 87-100 Torun, POLAND

of Kuyavia and Pomerania
Piotr Całbecki

Plac Teatralny 2, 87-100 Toruń

President of Toruń
Michał Zaleski

Wały gen.Sikorskiego 8, 87-100 Toruń


Partners & Sponsors

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Toruń - how and where? Toruń is one of the most beautiful cities of Poland. Picturesquely located on the both banks of the Vistula River, at a site of intersection of ancient trade routes, it has been propagating its traditional economy and openness to the world for nearly 800 years.

The medieval old town of Toruń is a birthplace of Nicolaus Copernicus. The gothic buildings of Toruń's Old Town, which won the designation of World Heritage Site from UNESCO in 1997, present proof of Toruń's centuries-old economic, cultural and intellectual ties with the leading cities of Europe associated in the Hanseatic League.

How to get to Toruń? Toruń lies on the Vistula, about a two hundred kilometres nord west of Warsaw, the closest international airport and railway hub. The easiest way to reach Toruń from Warsaw is by train. The trains to Toruń run from the Warsaw Central station (if arriving at the airport, the best way to reach the central station is by bus 175 - the ticket is 2.50 PLN or taxi). It is best to use the on-line rail route planner (leaving 'Warszawa Centralna' arriving 'Torun Glowny') to find out the exact times the trains run. The cost of the rail ticket is under 23 to 58 (express) PLN in second class and under 35 to 87 (express) PLN in first class.